First things first, these are raw thoughts. No editing will take place here, I will not use a thesaurus to look up pretentious words to use, all of these are coming straight out of my cranium as they come to me (I apologize for any grammar mistakes).

Yesterday felt like any other day — I did not have any classes so I spent the majority of the day on my phone reading various stories about the Cavs/Pacers game and the possible outcomes that could come with a LeBron James win or a loss. However, my attention was soon captured by a viral rant by one of my artistic heroes, Kanye West.

A few days ago, I, along with millions of others, learned that Kanye still adores Donald Trump. A little after the 2016 election, Kanye paid a visit to Trump Tower to speak with the president — elect about multicultural issues, specifically his hometown of Chicago. Any other year this would be an odd sight, but this was just a year and a half ago and a reality TV star had just became president, so anything was possible.

Flash forward now to the present — how does one react to their favorite artist warming up to a man who built his campaign on hatred and bigotry? How should I comprehend this? Do I forget Kanye all together? Do I just seperate the art from the artist and stick purely to his music?

Oddly enough, I still support Kanye in everything he has and is still doing. During his viral rants of tweets, Kanye kept peddling back to his claims of “freedom of thought” and how everyone is entitled to their own opinion and how we should all love each other. Kanye even stated his love for Hillary. That was a single tweet while his love affair with Trump spanned the entire day.

It is one thing to have freedom of thought, and something else entirely to have freedom of ignorance. It is ok to be open minded and agree with people you don’t usually agree with. In this situation however, we are dealing with the most influential artist ever since he released “The College Dropout”.

Kanye has a bigger platform than most. He has fans all around the globe. His words manner to a lot of people, myself included. Seeing him tweet these words out really struck a chord with me, one that I am still having trouble figuring out how to cope with. It seems to me that Kanye does not fully realize who he is preaching to. As I previously said, it is ok to agree with Trump, but what Kanye is conveying is that he supports his base — the far right, the neo nazis and the white supremacists. Kanye is talking about loving everyone and those small groups of people are running with that and giving themselves an even bigger platform than they deserve. Groups that preach hate and walk around WANTING to commit violent acts is really troublesome to see from an artist I love.

And still oddly do.

Before I go on, I need to discuss Chance the Rappers tone deaf tweet.

Chance owes a lot to Kanye. Kanye helped jumpstart him into the mainstream, and in UltraLight Beam, Chance even said he would shield Kanye from the hate. In the middle of all of this, Chance sent out a tweet saying “Not all Black People have to be democrats”. In a sense, yes Chance has a point. Personally, I do not care what your political party affiliation is. You could be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or something else. However the issue here is not loyalty to a party, but common sense and knowing the power that words have in 2018. His friend is in dangerous waters and Chance could have just kept scrolling on his timeline, ignoring everything. But this is 2018, and everyone needs to chime in.

Kanye is free to say whatever he wants. This is not the first time Kanye has had a strange rant. I should know, I saw him on The Saint Pablo Tour where he had a 20 minute rant about how his $120 T-Shirts were not selling very well.

Part of me thinks this is just how he is promoting his album.

Part of me thinks Kanye has been red-pilled.

Part of me thinks this is how Kanye truly thinks.

All of me still supports him.

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